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Automist Fly Control
Keeping your barn area virtually fly-free has never been easier than with the highly effective automatic insect control systems now available. Whether your barn is home to a half dozen horses or even 100, there is a convenient system that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Once installed you may service the system yourself. Either an E.P.A. approved and registered natural pyrethrin or synthetic permethrin concentrate is diluted in a drum of water. The solution is safe and non-toxic to warm-blooded animals. You determine how often the system is activated, taking into consideration the size of your facility and number of horses. Recommended application frequency for best fly control is four to six times per day, for 30 seconds each time. A synchronized spray of fine mist is evenly distributed over an entire facility at each application. After the system is installed and programmed, all you do is keep the insecticide reservoir filled. The Automist system utilizes either a natural pyrenthrin or permethrin insecticide. Both products are available from Big Sun. The Automist system employs an automatic timer that activates strategically placed nozzles at preset intervals. This system aids in the control of diseases carried by insects and parasites thus reducing the spread of infections and contamination.

The Cyclone
Adjustable Flow Rates.....0 - 2.4 oz./min
Particle Size.....5 - 20 microns
Formulation Tank.....1 US gallon
Length.....18 inches
Width.....8 inches
Height.....14.5 inches
Weight Empty.....9.4 lbs

The ultra precision metering valve assures particles under 20 microns regardless of flow rate and viscosity of material. Great for pest control use in apartments buildings, greenhouses, animal confinement buildings, schools and more. Dispenses both water and oil based products. There's no guesswork, apply pesticides, deodorants, disinfectants safer, more efficiently, more economically both indoors and out. Optional: 18 inch flex hose with handle on the nozzle. For hard to reach areas (above ceilings, under carpet, between cupboards). Uses a Standard 110 volt electrical plug for power.

The Hurricane
Adjustable Flow Rates.....0 - 5 US gallons/hr
Particle Size.....5 - 50 microns
Formulation Tank.....1 US gallon
Length.....13 inches
Width.....8 inches
Height.....14 inches
Weight Empty.....6.6 lbs

The Hurricane is capable of dispensing insecticides, disinfectants, deodorizers and more in both water and oil based formulations. Areas of use include warehouses, schools, greenhouses, garages, nursing homes and other institutions. An adjustable output of 0-5 gallon per hour, this versatile unit gives you the power to handle both large and small areas, wherever Ultra Low Volume application is needed. Optional: Float valve option gives continuous flow capabilities without refilling the tank. For use where large areas of spraying are required.Uses a standard 110 volt electrical plug.

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